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W A S D Move
1 2 3 Select item
E Use

Left-click Scan / Materialize / Pick up / Place
Right-click Throw object


Space Jump / Float up
Ctrl Float down


In the near future a corporation named The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) have invented a computer system that enables transit to the digital dimension. It was tested in a trial apartment complex, but the experiment malfunctioned and all the residents have disappeared.

You are sent into the quarantined area to gather the experimental computers. To be able to do this you have to go to the digital dimension. Be careful! The former residents still haunt the place like virtual ghosts. Don’t get caught, or you will be stuck in the digital dimension forever.


Game Director
Mai Ulrikka Sydendal
Game Designer
Lélia Peuchamiel
Project Manager
Roman Graebsch
Lead Programmer
Danni Schou
Andreas Thorning
Jens-Kristian Nielsen
Martin Rogne
Frederik Buus Sauer
Valdis Vilcans
Mads Ohm Larsen
Audio Designer
Jeppe Karkov
Level Designer
Christian Bæk Hansen
Art Director
Jakob Kiilerich
CG Artists
Kasper Kamstrup
Grant Musgrove
Ronnie Vilhelmsen
FourPosse Productions
FourPosse Productions 2011

Produced by
DADIU (http://www.dadiu.dk/)